Quick Update…

Well, we’re getting closer.  Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way.  We need to re-shoot our first 3 reviews due to issues with sound and mistakes in game setup.  Plus, we felt the videos were too long.  We want to try and keep our review videos to a quick 5 minutes or so.  The games we will be reviewing first are:

  1. Love Letter (and Premium Edition)
  2. Splendor
  3. Lotus

I hope to have these up within a week from today.  I am also still working on the ways in which we will be able keep the channel running without just asking for money.  You should get something for your support, if you choose to do so.  T-shirts are being designed and created.  The shirts won’t necessarily be for the games we review, but they will be board game related.  More news to come!  Thanks, as always.


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